Carl-Oscar v.d. 's-Gravenschans



We have chosen the kennel name van Oscarli in honour to our first Dutch longhaired Shepherd Carl-Oscar van de 's-Gravenschans. His daughter Astra was the first female of our kennel, who became a mother of a litter puppies.
The Dutch Shepherd longhaired likes to be busy, working with his master, for this reason we recommend the owners of the puppies to participate in courses with their dog. He is not a dog for everybody, he needs a clear guidance and leadership when that leadership is not given he will try to take over. He learns very fast and has to be raised consistently, it is not necessary to treat the dog hard or harshly, then it goes the wrong way. He is very sensitive to the tone of your voice and the moods in the house.
The number of longhaired Dutch shepherds is relatively small, in the Netherlands about 600 and the genetic variety restricted, the breeding specially depends on people who breed only occasionally.
Since 1992 we are member of the NHC: the Dutch Shepherd breed society. Our kennel name van Oscarli was  written down in the register of the Dutch Kennel Club with number 35129 on 5th February 1998. Occasionally we breed a litter of longhaired shepherds and with the selection of the parents we particular consider important character, health and appearance of the dog. At the same time our aim is breeding longhaired shepherds, that can be active in various directions of dog sports.
Our puppies grow up in a familiar atmosphere with the other dogs and in this way get well socialized.

Myra and her puppies in the living room
Astra and her puppies