Dutch, International

Luxemburg champion

Amsterdam Junior Winner and Winner '98, GH 2, UV

Best longhaired Dutch Shepherd Club '99

Dutch Veteran Champion 2007 (HDtc)

She was born on 16th February '98, her parents are Mirrewil's Aura Djordie, Dutch champion, Police dog 1, and multi champion Astra. During the first weeks of her life she grew up among her sister and five brothers, a careful mother and her grandfather Oscar.
Oscar exerts a big influence on the education of all those little puppies and commands respect.
When they were 8 weeks old the puppies were handed over to their new owners. One of them, Myra, stayed with us. She became a beautiful, healthy dog. She went to a dog show for the first time when she was 10 months old, the Winner show in Amsterdam. She went with her mother Astra and there she won her first title : Junior-Winner. To become the best of the bitches, Myra had to compete with bitches from other classes, she obtained the first place and the title Winner; her mother Astra ended on the second place. In '99 she participated in the show of our breed society, she was the best of the bitches and also the best of all longhaired Dutch Shepherds. Myra became the title of a Dutch Champion in May 2000.

Myra and Natascha (10 weeks)

On 13th September 2001 Myra became the proud mother of seven puppies, the N-litter "van Oscarli" and she has been a good and careful mother. In June 2002 she has become an International Champion and a Luxemburg Champion in September of the same year. On 29th September 2003 she became a mother again of seven puppies, the O-Litter "van Oscarli".
Myra has passed for the second time the exam UV on 15th April 2004, on 10th July she obtained the certificate GH 1 and on 20th 2004 November the certificate GH 2. At the show in Maastricht on 30th September 2007 Myra became the title of Dutch Veteran Champion. On 17th June 2008, Myra  passed away at the age of 10 years and 4 months.

Natascha and Myra