Dutch, International, Belgian and Luxemburg Champion, Belgian Winner 2003
Best Longhaired female at the Dutch Shepherd National Specialty Show 2003
Best Longhaired at the Dutch Shepherd National Specialty Show 2005, UV, GH 2 (HD A)
Dutch Veteran Champion 2011, FCI European Veteran Champion 2011

She was born on 13th September 2001, her parents are Harald van de Sylvester Stee, Dutch, Belgium, International champion, Amsterdam-Winner '95, World Winner '95, obedience certificate G & G 1, and multi champion Myra van Oscarli. Natascha is a cheerful, attentive girl with a open character, she likes everybody and everything. She has had a great respect for her great-grandfather Oscar, but often tried to pull him at his fur. She also finds it very funny to play with her mother's tail! Natascha is a naughty, but very friendly girl and is doing very well at the dog course, where she is always paying of lot of attention, especially if there is a delicacy as a reward.
When she was one year old she participated for the first time in a dog show, the show of our breed society. She won the first place in the youth class with a excellent qualification. When she was 14 months old she got her first certificate for Dutch champion and at the show of the Dutch Shepherd breed society in June 2003, she was the best of the bitches. Natascha has become a Dutch Champion in December 2003, a Luxemburg Champion in March 2004 and an International Champion in April 2004.
Natascha passed for the examination staying-power (running 20 km next to the bike) on 15th April 2004.
On 10th September 2004 she became the mother of 7 puppies: the K-litter "van Oscarli".

Natascha best of breed

At the national specialty show of the Dutch Shepherd breed society on the 25th June 2005, she was the best female and also the best Longhaired. On 26th June at the show in Belgium Natascha obtained her 4th certificate and became a Belgian champion and on the 26th of November she obtained the certificate GH 1. She became the mother of 8 puppies on 8th July 2006: the J-litter "van Oscarli" and 12th November of the same year Natascha passed again for the examination staying-power.
On 6th January 2009 Natascha became again the proud mother of 5 puppies: the I-litter "van Oscarli", on 12th June 2010 she obtained the certificate GH 2.
At the Dutch Shepherd National Specialty Show on 26th June 2011 Natascha obtained the titel Dutch Veteran Champion and in that same year she also became FCI European Veteran Champion.
On 28th June 2014 became Natascha the first place in the veteran class at the Dutch Shepherd National Specialty Show, she also was best of breed veteran and in the ring of honour she was selected best veteran of the show.
On 20 October 2015 our beloved Natascha passed away at the age of 14 years.