Dutch, Belgium, Luxemburg, German champion, Amsterdam Winner '94, European champion '96, German Winner '96
Best Longhaired at the Dutch Shepherd National Specialty Show '93, best dog of all Dutch breeds '94
Workcertificates: UV, VZH, G & G 1, IPO 3, (HD-)

Since 1977 dogs are a part of our life. In 1991 we came into contact with the breed society for the Dutch Shepherd dog, through an article in a dog magazine about the Dutch longhaired Shepherd. This breed appealed to us very much and through the pup information wecame in contact with the family Borg (kennel v.d. 's-Gravenschans) and so Oscar jauntily walked into our life.
He was born on 5th December 1991 and his parents were the Dutch champion Corrin v.d. Sylvester Stee and Arja v.d. 's-Gravenschans. The breeder told us that Oscar could not be an International beauty champion, because his grandparents were a shorthaired and a longhaired shepherd ( crossbreeding). It was not important to us , because we did not have any intention to go to dog shows!!! However, encouraged by the breeder, we decided to go to the show of the Dutch Shepherd club and there Oscar won his first price when he was only nine months old. Many more prices followed. At the next shows he was succesful too and he obtained many certificates for championships, also abroad. Oscar was present at various demonstrations at home and abroad, and together with his daughter Astra formed the "promotion team" for the Dutch longhaired Shepherds.
Highlights in his show career are: best of all longhaired Shepherds at the show of our breed society in '93, winning the title 'Amsterdam Winner' in '94 and the best dog of all Dutch breeds in '94.

Oscar and Astra

When he was 9 weeks old, Oscar set his first steps on the grounds of Kringgroep Midden-Nederland to follow a dog course where he learned very fast. He has the capacity to work: he's got temper, courage and he is self-confident, in other words: a stable and honest dog. Training a longhaired shepherd is not so easy, it takes time and patience, but they are on the whole a little bit sweeter in character than the short- and wirehaired. There are just a few longhaired, which have obtained a training certificate.
Oscar received the IPO 1 certificate in '96 and also passed the obedience exam G & G 1. It turned out that training at the same time for different kinds of dog sports did not work, there is too much difference in the way of training. Oscar went on with IPO, besides he liked this way of dog sports much more, because he could work more independent. In 1998 he passed IPO 2 and on 5th June '99 (Oscar was exactly seven and a half years old) he got his IPO 3 certificate on the same grounds where he started his training as a puppy.

Oscar at work during the IPO 3 exam

Until the age of 12 years he was still training on these grounds, but just for fun and he liked it very much. Among his descendants that were also training there (grandson Maxim followed his grandfather's steps and obtained IPO 2), Oscar was a well known and imposing dog. Also regarding his offspring he has been busy! He has courted eight bitches with his charm. Of his litter with Kim van de BreŽ we kept a female dog, Astra. She was the first female shepherd we had a litter from. We chose the kennel name "van Oscarli" in honour to Oscar, our first Dutch longhaired Shepherd.
On 5th March 2005, Oscar passed away at the age of 13 years and 3 months. We will always remember him as an unforgettable, unique dog, who has been very important for us. Oscar had such a great character and he was beloved by everybody who knew him. He lives on in his offspring.