At the age of about one year Prins II mated his mother Blida. A litter was born late 1948, out of them a bitch "Djoeka" (foto 8) went to an acquaintance of mine, Mr. H. Houben in Nijmegen. Djoeka was bred in December of 1949 by Prins II. I know that precisely because I was present at the mating and then asked Dr. v.d. Akker who the male was. In one of his few clues he told me "It's her own father." Mrs. Koele remembers exactly where Prins II came from. This is important because the old pedigrees state that Djoeka was mated to "Hertah", a male that as far as I know never existed. There was, in 1957, about 10 years later, a female called Hertah. Because I was at the mating, this is easy to determine. Perhaps Dr. v.d. Akker couldn't remember the name after all those years?

Foto 8
Foto taken around 1950

It is not known, if Blida had any other litters, or what became of most of her pups. It is almost certain that from the same litter as Prins II, a dog went to Miss A.J. ter Pelkwijk, at the time living in Wijster. This self-coloured sandy dog "Reintje" was never used for breeding. Mrs. E. de Boer-Löming told us about the dog Blida and the Corbeel family. Since I had gone to pick up Minka and Djoeka in Bilthoven myself, I remembered the house as well as Mrs. Koele. I also still had a photograph of a lady and an elderly gentleman; this photograph was made by Dr. v.d .Akker and given to me. But I didn't remember the name and neither did Mrs. Koele. Mrs. De Boer-Löming was of great assistance. Once I was able to write to Bilthoven for information about the Corbeel family it turned out she had moved to Baarn; from Baarn to The Hague, from The Hague to Geldermalsen en from Geldermalsen to Rotterdam.
Mrs. Corbeel is of old age and couldn't remember much; to add insult to injury, during a burglary all of her photographs and papers were torn op. When I sent her the photograph that Dr. v.d. Akker had given to me, she was pleasantly surprised. The photographs showed her, her father and Blida. Unfortunately she could only remember that one dog went to the Löming family. The date she gives is incorrect, but thanks to Mrs. De Boer we know exactly. Mrs. Corbeel wrote that "Dr. v.d. Akker took care of everything". He took care of selling and placing the pups.

Foto 9
Cora van het Eigen Land
On February 4, 1950 the litter of Djoeka (foto 8) sired by Prins II was born. Again Dr. v.d. Akker took care of selling the pups. One of them again played an important role in the continuation of this line in the longhair variety, namely Cora van het Eigen Land.
It is absolutely certain that Cora van het Eigen Land (foto 9) was a pup of Djoeka. Dr. v.d. Akker registered this when putting together the first pedigrees, be it that he made a mistake by entering Hertah as the sire, while it should have been Prins. Again we see that he names a pup not bred by himself with his own kennel name. This dog went to the Helms family in Amersfoort. Another dog from this litter, Rana, went to the vet Dr. C. Bol in Nijmegen.

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