This dog was entered in the aforementioned show of February 25, 1951 in Utrecht as number 42, together with Prins II (nr. 41), her sire and grandsire. The breeder, Mr. Houben, kept a female, Moortje. Djoeka was not used for breeding after that, Rana and Moortje were never used for breeding. I knew Djoeka and Moortje very well. Djoeka's photograph does not show her at her best: wide set ears and out of coat. She was much better in reality. The painting of Moortje (picture 10) is printed here because it shows the type and the lovely dark eye. Djoeka was grey-brindle without a black mask, just like her mother Blida. Moortje was an exceptionally beautiful dog with a wonderful disposition, just like her mother. In the line Faust with Adri van het Eigen Land - Herder - Blida - Djoeka, Cora van het Eigen Land was the first to get a registration number (reg. No. 23164). On June 4 1953 she had a litter with Barry van het Eigen Land, whose ancestry will be discussed later.

Picture 10
drawn by Z. Simons

 This litter contained Tjik (male, reg. no. 32164), Trix (female, bijlage G.0. 230445) (foto 11) and Topsie (female, bijlage G.0. 230446). From the combination of Tjik with Trix (full siblings) Tjallo (male, bijlage G.0. 230448), Daquit (male, bijlage G.0. 230449) and Tjada (female, bijlage G.0. 230447) (foto 12) were born on February 10, 1956. Especially Tjallo was a well known dog. Breeder was Mr. Huybregts in Riel. All three dogs were later used for breeding. Furthermore there was the combination of Barry van het Eigen Land with Trix, which produced Trees on April 3, 1958. Breeder was again Mr. Huybregts in Riel. There was also a combination of Barry van het Eigen Land with Topsie. Twice a sire with both his daughters. Breeder of the last combination was Mr. J. Nobach in Zwollerkerspel. The litter was born on March 25, 1960.

Foto 11

Foto 12
Astra, Trienke en Tjada

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